Sax Lessons

These are some questions that we will cover together to find a workable path for your lessons

How often do you expect me to practice between lessons?
Most every day for at least an hour. Details will be covered in your lesson on how that time can best be spent.
Will we always have lessons at the same time and place?
Yes. It will be in my studio in my home. However, there can be alternatives worked out. Those alternatives could be at your home or even internet if you have the technology.
Are there any required books or other materials I need to buy?
Yes. That will be covered in our initial lesson, which will typically last two hours. We need to determine if you are a beginner, novice, or intermediate player to decide which set of lesson books will be appropriate. In addition, we will discuss options for a mouthpiece; ligature; reeds; music stand; and metronome. Initially, we will work with what you have, but these will soon become necessary as you progress. Finally, you will need a saxophone, but I can assist if you need repair or are in the market to purchase another. You can find access for these items on my ‘Links’ page or contact me directly.
How long will our lessons be? How much will each lesson cost?
As stated above, your first lesson will be two (2) hours. Regular lessons will be one hour. Usually between 60-75% will be reviewing the prior week’s lesson via your performing, and correcting any areas needing improvement. The remaining time will be spent on introducing the upcoming lesson and covering any questions. Lesson cost will be determined in advance via telephone call or agreed to in person with you or parent. Cash is acceptable and a receipt will be given in return. Personal checks are also acceptable, as well as a credit card.

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