Just a ‘heads-up’ for upcoming gigs:

  • Jazz Meets Motown – it continues to be an honor to work with this group.  Headed by ‘Alex Foster’, JMM is an extremely talented group that has played at the ‘Celebration Bohemian Hotel’ for a couple of years.   Due to the incredible growth of our following, this jazz jam has found it necessary to move to the ‘Radisson Resort Orlando-Celebration in Kissimmee, FL.   Jazz Meets Motown gathers every Monday, from 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM.
  • Smooth Jazz ‘Solo’ Gigs – these solo gigs also continue to expand.
    • Ritz-Carlton
    • Wyndham – Bonnet Creek
    • DoubleTree – Sea World
    • ReUnion Resort


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